FinTech and InsuranceTech case studies digitally transforming Europe’s future with BigData and AI-driven innovation

Thursday, May 14, 2020 - 14:00

The new data-driven industrial revolution highlights the need for big data technologies to unlock the potential in various application domains. The insurance and finance services industry are rapidly transformed by data-intensive operations and applications. FinTech and InsuranceTech combine very large datasets from legacy banking systems with other data sources such as financial markets data, regulatory datasets, real-time retail transactions and more, improving financial services and activities for customers. 




Real-life challenges setting the requirements for BigData solutions

INFINITECH, BigDataStack and the BDVA Task Force on BigData and AI for Finance join forces in a two-hour webinar on data-driven innovation contributing to Europe’s digital future in Insurance and Finance. The webinar will illustrate the need for digital transformation by defining the requirements of INFINITECH use cases in the financial and insurance service sector. The solutions provided by BigData, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence-driven technologies, developed in the BigDataStack and INFINITECH projects will be presented. Software components of these solutions, already available for reuse in the Insurance and Finance sectors, will be showcased. Participants are invited to take part in the open discussion on the added value and applicability to the wide range of challenges in the Insurance and Finance service sector.


Who should join?

Data producers, data analysts, technology providers, project managers in the Insurance and Financial sectors interested in improving their customer experience and tailored products and services. 


Webinar Speakers:


Marco Rotoloni is Senior Research Analyst at the Head of the Research Team on Banking Operations of the ABI Lab Consortium, the Research and Innovation Centre for banks promoted by the Italian Banking Association. Co-Lead of the BDVA Task Force Big Data and AI for Finance.

Jose Gato Luis has a master’s degree in Computers Engineering with more than fifteen years of experience in the ICT sector about software development, Open Source, Research and innovative technologies. Currently, he is working as Associate Head of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics unit in Atos Research & Innovation (ARI). Pilots Leader in INFINITECH.

Slides available here

Vittorio Monferrino is project manager in GFT, working in the Open Innovation EU mainly in R&I projects with a business-oriented focus. Vittorio holds a degree in Management Engineering, University of Genoa, and is building experience horizontally participating in several projects around different sectors. Deputy Project Manager of INFINITECH.

Slides available here

Pavlos Kranas is a senior software engineer at  LeanXcale, with a focus on distributed and database management systems and his experience in software development and project management. Deputy technical coordinator of INFINITECH and technology provider in BigDataStack

Slides available here

Slides available here

Dimosthenis Kyriazis is the technical coordinator of the BigdataStack project and Assistant Professor at University of Piraeus at the Department of Digital Systems. With a PhD in the area of Service Oriented Architectures, he is specialised in service-based, distributed and heterogeneous systems, software engineering and data management.

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Yosef Moatti is the BigDataStack Coordinator and he is a senior researcher at IBM Research Haifa. His research interests include Big Data analytics and storage frameworks. Moatti has a doctorate in computer science from Télécom ParisTech.

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Richard McCreadie is a Lecturer in Information Retrieval and Data Systems at the University of Glasgow, UK. His core research topics include real-time information retrieval, machine learning, big data stream processing and evaluation methodologies over streaming data.

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Time Topic Speaker
14.00 - 14.05 Setting the scene Marieke Willems - Trust-IT Services
14.05 - 14.10 INFINITECH, a joint effort of global leaders in ICT finance and insurance. Vittorio Monferrino - GFT
14.10 - 14.20 INFINITECH architecture lowering the barriers for BigData/IoT/AI driven innovation, boosting regulatory compliance and stimulating additional investments. Pavlos Kranas - LeanXcale
14.20 - 14.25 BigDataStack architecture promotes automation and quality, ensuring data is meaningful and fit-for- purpose through its Data as a Service offering. Dimosthenis Kyriazis - UPRC
14.25 - 14.40 INFINITECH Use Cases, real-life challenges setting the requirements for BigData, AI and IoT innovative solutions. Jose Gato - ATOS
14.40 - 15.10 BigDataStack technologies fit to tackle FinTech and InsuranceTech challenges
  • Data Skipping
  • Seamless analytics
  • Automated Deployment
  • Yosef Moatti - IBM Haifa
  • Pavlos Kranas - LXC
  • Richard McCreadie - University of Glasgow
15.10 - 15.20 FinTech and InuranceTech transforming Europe’s digital future through off-the-shelf solutions provided by INFINITECH and BigDataStack BDV PPP projects. Marco Rotoloni - ABI Lab - BDVA Taskforce on BigData AI for Finance.
15.20 - 15.50 Q&A Session  




INFINITECH is a joint effort of global leaders in ICT and finance towards lowering the barriers for BigData/IoT/AI driven innovation, boosting regulatory compliance and stimulating additional investments. INFINITECH will establish a market platform that will provide access to the project’s solutions, along with a Virtualized Digital Innovation Hub that will support FinTech and InsuranceTech in their BigData/AI/IoT effort. The project’s results will be validated in the scope of 14 high impact pilots providing complete coverage of the sectors, including: Know Your Customer, customer analytics, personalized portfolio management, credit risk assessment, preventive financial crime analysis, fraud anticipation, usage-based insurance, agro-insurance and more.



BigDataStack delivers a complete high-performance stack of technologies addressing the emerging needs of data operations and applications. BigDataStack promotes automation and quality and ensures that the provided data are meaningful, of value and fit-for- purpose through its Data as a Service offering that addresses the complete data path with approaches for data cleaning, modelling, semantic interoperability, and distributed storage. To enable data operations and data-intensive applications to fully exploit the sustainability of BigDataStack and take full advantage of the developed technologies, the consortium has brought on board three use cases that will exhibit their applicability through Smart Insurance, Connected Consumer and Real-Time Shipping