Performance and dynamicity

Deliver an infrastructure management system for the holistic management of computing, storage and networking resources, encompassing techniques for runtime adaptations of all BigDataStack operations

Optimization and scalability

Architect and implement a complete real-time, data-oriented environment targeting data operations and data-intensive applications

Dimensioning and automation

Understand and model distributed data analytics and process mining tasks, as well as data-intensive applications to compile deployment patterns

Sustainability and competitive advantage

Introduce the European Open Source initiative and define clear exploitation paths and strategy

Automation, agility, quality

Realize Data as a Service through data functions across the complete data path and lifecycle

Openness and extensibility

Provide a data toolkit and an adaptive visualization environment

Applicability and validation

Challenge and showcase BigDataStack innovations through various use cases





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Use Cases


Smart Insurance

A multi-channel scenario will facilitate data analytics-powered smart insurance, providing a 360-degree view of the customer and personalized services. 

The Connected Consumer

Improving consumer shopping experience with optimal insights into consumer preferences for retailers. 

Real-time Ship Management

Optimize and help cut costs on maintenance and spare parts inventory planning and dynamic routing.

BigDataStack Features

  A new distributed architecture

  Data operations characterisation and application analysis

  Data-driven & runtime adaptable decisions

  Covers the complete data path and lifecycle

  Visualization of information for the infrastructure and for the data analytics results

  Availability and integration


  • Dimosthenis Kyriazis

    BigDataStack delivers a complete pioneering stack, based on a frontrunner infrastructure management system that drives decisions according to data aspects, thus being fully scalable, runtime adaptable and high-performant to address the emerging needs of big data operations and data-intensive applications.

    Dimosthenis Kyriazis / Technical Coordinator / University of Piraeus
  • Eliot Salant

    BigDataStack will provide a complete infrastructure management system that will base the management and deployment decisions on data aspects thus being fully scalable, runtime adaptable and high-performing for big data operations and data-intensive applications

    Eliot Salant / Senior Researcher / IBM Israel