Webinar - BigDataStack Connected Consumer Technologies for Retailers

The ATOS Use-Case

BigDataStack is organising a series of three webinars for end-users to learn more about the Technologies developed within the project and put to practice in the three use cases.
The organisations using the BigDataStack technologies in these use-cases will explain how they are using these technologies and how they will improve the end-users life.
BigDataStack technology providers will explain the technologies used in more detail and answer any questions you may have about using these technologies in your organisation.

BigDataStack Connected Consumer Technologies for Retailers Webinar

The first webinar addressed the Connected Consumer use case application developed by BigDataStack.
This use case application will provide retailers with optimal insights into consumer preferences and improve the effectiveness of marketing strategies for improving consumer shopping experience. Used by ATOS worldline, who has defined a roadmap for a major Spanish food retailer that will allow them to offer predictive shopping lists, and tailored recommendations and promotions.
The webinar addressed challenges faced, solutions found and BigDataStack technologies to improve connected consumer experiences.

BigDataStack added-value for retailers

The data-oriented infrastructure of BigDataStack will enable:

  • Data collection, aggregation, storage and analysis, handling a multitude of heterogeneous sources which, combined, they generate data at an unprecedented rate, and BigDataStack will manage them and seamlessly analyse them for the 3 predictive services envisioned in the scenario.
  • Efficient and optimized analytics and real-time decision making enabling the development of data-based value added services such as product logistics, virtual shopping carts and predictive lists, marketing and loyalty management. These services require a real time response, for example actuation of interactive displays in stores or issuing coupons to customers’ mobile devices.
  • Process improvement (with an emphasis on product replacement) exploiting the BigDataStack process modelling and process mining outcomes.

Our Speakers:

Dimosthenis Kyriazis

Bernat Quesada

Orlando Avilla

Assistant Professor Service, 
University of Piraeus Research

Project Manager, Atos Wordline

Senior Software Architect, Atos

Slides available Here

Slides available Here

Slides available Here


Who should have a look at this webinar?

Are you working in the retail-ecosystem? Are you interested in improving your consumer data analysis, real-time decision making and process improvement?
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