Big Data Pilot Demo - BigDataStack Connected Consumer

BigDataStack, I-BiDaaS, Track & Know and Policy Cloud join forces in a series of online demonstrations of innovative Big Data Technologies unlocking the potential of various applications.

The new data-driven industrial revolution highlights the need for big data technologies to unlock the potential in various application domains. To this end, BDV PPP projects I-BiDaaSBigDataStackTrack & Know and Policy Cloud deliver innovative technologies to address the emerging needs of data operations and applications. To fully exploit the sustainability and take full advantage of the developed technologies, the projects onboarded pilots that exhibit their applicability in a wide variety of sectors. In the Big Data Pilot Demo Days the projects will showcase the developed and implemented technologies to interested end-users from industry as well as technology providers, for further adoption.


BigDataStack Connected Consumer Pilot Demo

BigDataStack will provide retailers with optimal insights into consumer preferences and increase the effectiveness of marketing strategies to improve consumer shopping experience. Led by Worldline, a roadmap for a major Spanish food retailer has been defined, allowing them to offer predictive shopping lists, and tailored recommendations and promotions, improving consumers’ experiences.Webinar takeaways

  • The Connected Consumer use case utilizes the BigDataStack environment to implement and offer a recommender system for the grocery market. 
  • All of the data that are used to train the analytic algorithms of the use case are corporate data provided by one of the top food retailers companies in Spain. 
  • The final goal of the scenario is to make use of the capabilities of BigDataStack to produce in-store tailored recommendations to customers at the on-line applications of the food retailer.


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Big Data Pilot Demo Days - I-BiDaaS Sets the Scene - Despina Kopanaki (FORTH, I-BDaaS)

Setting the requirements for the BigDataStack Connected Consumer Pilot - Bernat Quesada (Worldline)


About the speakers


Despina Kopanaki - FORTH-ICS, I-BiDaaS
Project manager at FORTH-ICS and a Ph.D. candidate in Informatics at the Department of Informatics, University of Piraeus, Greece. She holds a MSc in Applied Economics & Finance from the Department of Economics, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece. Managing I-BiDaaS H2020 project. Before that, she has been involved in several EU funded projects as a researcher and as a financial project administrator and manager. Her research interests include data mining, data analytics and privacy-preservation of mobility data.

Orlando Avila García - Atos, BigDataStack
With a degree in Computer/Informatics Engineering and a PhD in Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence, Avila joined Atos in 2017 as senior software architect. Currently, he is the ARI (Atos Research and Innovation) Research Line Expert on Intelligent Autonomous Robots and Systems, working on topics such as adaptive systems, autonomous systems, cognitive robotics, development and epigenetic robotics, robotic systems development and robot safety.

Bernat Quesada - Worldline, BigDataStack
Computer Engineering degree from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Joined Worldline Spain in 2013 as Project Manager within the Merchant Services division of Worldline. He is specialised in e-commerce solutions for the retail sector. Previously, he had been working for more than 15 years within the retail & industry division of Atos as Project Leader and Business Expert in projects related to the field of warehouse automation.

Anestis Sidiropoulos - ATC Research and Innovation Lab, BigDataStack
Graduate of School of Informatics, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki. 10+ years of experience working as software engineer. He has strong professional skills in Agile Methodologies and Telecom Infrastructure. He has been focusing on Full Stack Web Development and DevOps. Currently Team Leader in an iLab team and Google DNIs.