Big Data Pilot Demo Days @BDV PPP Virtual Summit 2020

Hosted by BDV PPP. BigDataStack, I-BiDaaS, Track & Know and Policy Cloud join forces in a series of online demonstrations of innovative Big Data Technologies unlocking the potential of various applications.


The new data-driven industrial revolution highlights the need for big data technologies to unlock the potential in various application domains. To this end, BDV PPP projects I-BiDaaSBigDataStackTrack & Know and Policy Cloud deliver innovative technologies to address the emerging needs of data operations and applications. To enable data operations and data-intensive applications to fully exploit the sustainability and take full advantage of the developed technologies, the PDV PPP projects brought on board use cases that exhibit their applicability in a wide variety of sectors. This series of webinars aims at showcasing the implementation of the Big Data technologies in the pilot studies and their applicability to an ever wider scope. The webinars will demonstrate the actual solutions implemented performing big data operations and applications to interested end-users from industry as well as technology providers for further adoption in their own solutions and projects. The projects will jointly illustrate how they contribute to Europe’s digital future. 


Joining efforts

I-BiDaaS, BigDataStack, Track & Know will kick off this series of online demos for industry end-users and technology providers interested in further uptake of the innovative technologies developed. The recently started Policy Cloud project will highlight the adoption of technologies developed by the more mature BDV PPP project BigDataStack, showcasing its application for the policy making sector. The series is open to other BDV PPP projects to join with virtual demonstrations of their pilot projects.  

I-BiDaaS Application to the Financial Sector


When: Thursday, May 21st at 14:00-15:00 CEST


Description: One of the main goals of the I-BiDaaS project is to provide a Big Data as a self-service solution that will empower the actual employees of European companies in targeted sectors (banking, manufacturing, telecom), i.e., the true decision-makers, with the insights and tools they need in order to make the right decisions in an agile way. In this big data pilot webinar, we will demonstrate in a step by step fashion the I-BiDaaS self-service solution and its application to the banking sector. In more detail, we will present an overview of the I-BiDaaS project focusing on the requirements of the CaixaBank pilot study, the I-BiDaaS architecture with its core technologies, and a step by step demo of the I-BiDaaS solution. Last but not least, we will show through CaixaBank's success story how I-BiDaaS can resolve data availability, data sharing, and breaking silos challenges in the banking domain.


Who should attend?

Whether you are a Big Data expert developer, a data analyst, or a non-IT specialist with the right domain knowledge, we will show how I-BiDaaS enables you to easily utilise and interact with big data technologies. 

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The BigDataStack Connected Consumer

When: Webinar 2- 28 May 14.00-15.00 CEST


BigDataStack will provide retailers with optimal insights into consumer preferences and increase the effectiveness of marketing strategies to improve consumer shopping experience. Led by Worldline, a roadmap for a major Spanish food retailer has been defined, allowing them to offer predictive shopping lists, and tailored recommendations and promotions, improving consumers’ experiences.


Webinar takeaways

  • The Connected Consumer use case utilizes the BigDataStack environment to implement and offer a recommender system for the grocery market. 
  • All of the data that are used to train the analytic algorithms of the use case are corporate data provided by one of the top food retailers companies in Spain. 
  • The final goal of the scenario is to make use of the capabilities of BigDataStack to produce in-store tailored recommendations to customers at the on-line applications of the food retailer.

Who should attend? Retail industry, cloud providers, data owners, data engineers, data scientists

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 A BigDataStack Seafarer’s tale on Real-Time Shipping

When: 18 June 14.00-15.00 CEST 

A Seafarer's vessel has to complete its route within a specific time-frame. When a part of the main engine fails unexpectedly, the ship risks staying off-hire. This can be very damaging to a shipping company, as chartering revenues decrease, while replacing a spare part immediately increases cost. The seafarer needs identification of potential failure to allow timely ordering, or even replacement of spare parts before failure.  


Webinar takeaways

  • The BigDataStack Seafarer tale tells the story of the Real Time Ship Management (RSM) use case led by Danaos Corporation, one of the largest independent owners of modern, large-size containerships. 
  • The pilot exploits the BigDataStack environment with an emphasis on the data as a service offering for big data management, its analytics and methods for scheduling of orders, preventive maintenance, visualization of the current state and final results. 

Who should attend? Shipping and transport Industry, cloud providers, data owners, data engineers, data scientists


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