Women in science day

11th of February is the "women in science" day and we would like to celebrate it highlighting the role of our women inside the project.
We asked Amaryllis Raouzaiou, senior researcher and project manager at the Athens Technology Center to answer 3 quick questions about her role in the project and her personal experience as a woman through a career as a researcher.
How is your research contributing to BigDataStack?
As part of ATC, I focus on the modelling of the processes, in order to create an interface for both business analysts (to design their processes in a non-expert way) and developers (to provide in an easy way predefined tasks and relationship types). Our other important contribution lies in the area of visualization. We provide BigDataStack with the necessary tools to visualize the project outputs, especially for our three use cases.
Today we celebrate the "woman in science day", could you please tell us about a leading woman in the research field who strongly influenced your work?
There are many women with a remarkable contribution to our field. From Hypatia to Maryam Mirzakhani and Karen Uhlenbeck, from Ada Lovelace to Margaret Heafield and Grace Hopper, passionate women have done what they are loving, progressing science, overcoming limitations, prejudices and a well-established patriarchy. They are all of them-and should be- an inspiration for every woman!
Have you ever experienced or been testimonial of any hindrance in the research career due to the gender
Living and working in the Western World, I enjoy the privilege of a legal system that recognizes equality for both genders, but the mentality of the society is far from that. Gender norms and stereotypes – especially in the field of science, reinforce gendered identities and constrain the behaviour of women and men in ways that lead to inequality. Unequal pay, different opportunities, different reactions in a workplace constitute a reality also in western societies. It is the society that has hindered the woman and is still hindering her. It is true that society's views are finally changing, but the pace of change is really slow.