D1.1 - Project Management Plan

Project Management Plan

This report is the first version of a summary of project management techniques to be used in running BigDataStack, including procedures for communication, documentation, deliverables review, procedures to control project progress, and risk management.

Guiding Pillars

A project with as many partners as BigDataStack can be a challenge to properly manage.  Through the experience of many years of managing EU consortium projects, research projects and software development projects, best practices of project management tools and techniques have emerged, which this document will attempt to capture. The guiding pillars to managing a successful project include:
1. Creating the proper environment for the flow of information in the project.
2. Close collaboration with the Scientific Coordinator.
3. Careful tracking of the project’s process.
4. Risk management.
5. Quality control for both documentation and software.
6. Flexibility in facing a changing technology and marketplace.


The main tools required to successfully manage BigDataStack were put in place in the first month of the project, and the planned management principles conveyed to the partners in the initial kickoff meeting. This document will evolve as the project progresses in response to any changes in management tools or methodology.



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